J Ferrer Calvete

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110 children suffering from malabsorption underwent several biopsies of the gut to confirm coeliac disease (CD) following the ESPGAN criteria. We studied the values for alkaline phosphatase (AP) in the intestinal mucosa after gluten challenge. In 42 patients the after challenge biopsy was normal, thus excluding coeliac disease. In 68 children the mucosa was(More)
The present study is based on the typical dendritic forms of the sweat crystallization from patients with cystic fibrosis (CF). The phenomenon was analyzed in sweat collected by pilocarpine iontophoresis in 26 affected subjects (Homozygotes), 42 heterozygotes and 100 healthy-control subjects. The positive crystallization pattern (dendritic form), became(More)
Three cases of selective IgA deficit with chronic diarrhea associated to Turner's syndrome are reported. The first patient presented gluten intolerance (celiac disease), confirmed by intestinal biopsy. The second patient turned out to suffer from cow's milk and gluten intolerance, and in the third an intestinal lambliasis was detected as well as gluten(More)
Alpha-1-antitrypsin (a-1AT) is a natural inhibitor of the elastase that is released physiologically by neutrophils in the lung. As a result of the increased neutrophil degranulation secondary to chronic epithelial inflammation in cystic fibrosis patients with chronic infections by Pseudomonas aeruginosa, there are larger amounts of elastase in airway(More)
We present the case of a 13-year-old boy with cystic fibrosis (CF) who developed severe right-sided lung infection with formation of abscess and localized bronchiectasis. The boy's lung disease was complicated by nephrotic syndrome and secondary amyloidosis. Unilateral pneumonectomy was performed, producing significant clinical improvement with a remarkable(More)
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