J. Fernando Rios

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con restos de triatominos o excrementos de marsupiales. Probable outbreak of oral transmission of Chagas disease in Turbo, Antioquia Introduction. Chagas' disease is endemic in 21 countries of South and Central America, including Colombia, where 700,000 to 1.2 million persons are infected and eight millions are at risk. In endemic areas, chronic cases are(More)
Onsite wastewater treatment systems (OWTS), or septic systems, can be a significant source of nitrates in groundwater and surface water. The adverse effects that nitrates have on human and environmental health have given rise to the need to estimate the actual or potential level of nitrate contamination. With the goal of reducing data collection and(More)
Uncertainty quantification is not often performed in spatial analysis and modeling applications. One reason is the lack of tools which can handle various kinds of uncertainty associated with spatial data. In particular, positional uncertainty in objects is often ignored. There has been much research in regards to the modeling of different kinds of(More)
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