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The MAGIC I telescope produces currently around 100TByte of raw data per year that is calibrated and reduced on-site at the Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos (La Palma). Since February 2007 most of the data have been stored and further processed in the Port d'Informació Científica (PIC), Barcelona. This facility, which supports the GRID Tier 1 center(More)
MAGIC is a single-dish Cherenkov telescope located on La Palma (Spain), hence with an optimal view on the Northern sky. Sensitive in the 30 GeV – 30 TeV energy band, it is nowadays the only ground-based instrument being able to measure high-energy γ-rays below 100 GeV. We review the most recent experimental results obtained using MAGIC.
We study the capability of the MAGIC telescope to observe under moderate moonlight. TeV γ-ray signals from the Crab nebula were detected with the MAGIC telescope during periods when the Moon was above the horizon and during twilight. This was accomplished by increasing the trigger discriminator thresholds. No change is necessary in the high voltage settings(More)
The ground-based imaging atmospheric Cherenkov technique is currently the most powerful observation method for very high energy gamma rays. With its specially designed camera and readout system, the MAGIC Telescope is capable of observing also during nights with a comparatively high level of night-sky background light. This allows to extend the MAGIC duty(More)
1 Abstract We consider the ! e oscillation measurements that would be possible at upgraded 1 GeV and multi{GeV conventional neutrino sources driven by future megawatt{ scale proton drivers. If these neutrino superbeams are used together with detectors that are an order of magnitude larger than those presently foreseen, we nd that the sensitivity to ! e(More)
This paper presents the multivariable robust control of a laboratory-scale heat exchange process. After theoretical and experimental identification of its non-linear equations, 2×2 linear models with uncertainty and significant coupling are obtained. Using Horowitz's non-sequential multivariable method (within QFT) diagonal matrices of controllers(More)
MAGIC is the world-largest Imaging Air Cherenkov Telescope (IACT) for Very High Energy (VHE) γ-ray astronomy and operates in the range from ∼50 GeV to ∼10 TeV. In this paper we will briefly summarize the status of the project, including the construction of a second (MAGIC-II) telescope, and review the results obtained from the first observations. 1.(More)