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Important revisions of the solar model ingredients have appeared recently. We first show that the updated CNO composition suppresses the anomalous position of the Sun in the known galactic enrichment. The following law, He/H = 0.075 + 44.6 O/H in number fraction, is now compatible with all the indicators. We then suggest some directions of investigation to(More)
A technique is described which uses a reversible word-figure for studying effects of experimental variables on the stability of figures. In a reversible word-figure black on white inter-letter spaces represent "nonsense" forms which are usually perceived first. In this study the latency of reversal to the white on black word-configuration is taken as an(More)
For some applications of magnetic flux compression generators, shorter pulse widths, with associated higher voltages and power level, are required. We have developed a family of small, tapered stator generators that begin to address these applications. Specifically, the three versions of these FCGs developed use stator angles of 10/spl deg/, 12/spl deg/,(More)
After experimentally testing eight different designs of small explosive-driven, magnetic flux compression generators (FCGs), several similarities and differences have emerged when compared to larger FCGs. While the similarities were expected, the differences are rather surprising. The magnetic flux compression generators under consideration are small. Their(More)
Preliminary scaling studies on the TAMU dense plasma focus (DPF) using the deuterium fusion reactions are presented. A particular emphasis of this scaling study is the comparison between the TAMU DPF and the DPF 6.5 results from the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory in 1973. The capacitor bank for the TAMU machine stores 460 kJ at a charge voltage of 60 kV.(More)
Among the newly discovered features of multiple stellar populations in Globular Clusters, the cluster NGC 1851 harbours a double subgiant branch, that can be explained in terms of two stellar generations, only slightly differing in age, the younger one having an increased total C+N+O abundance. Thanks to this difference in the chemistry, a fit can be made(More)
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