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The study was conducted to determine the effects of iron glycine chelate (Fe-Gly) on growth, tissue mineral concentrations, fecal mineral excretion, and liver antioxidant enzyme activities in broilers. A total of 360 1-day-old commercial broilers (Ross × Ross) were randomly allotted to six dietary treatments with six replications of ten chicks per(More)
The study was conducted to examine the effects of partially replacing soybean meal (SBM) by solid-state fermented cottonseed meal (FCSM) on growth performance, serum biochemical parameters and immune function of broilers. After inoculated with Bacillus subtilis BJ-1 for 48 h, the content of free gossypol in cottonseed meal was decreased from 0.82 to 0.21(More)
In a previous paper we demonstrated that the linear portion of the pressure-velocity loop (PU-loop) corresponding to early systole could be used to calculate the local wave speed. In this paper we extend this work to show that determination of the time at which the PU-loop first deviates from linearity provides a convenient way to determine the arrival time(More)
The separability of bitumen from oil sand depends on a number of factors. Some of these factors are observable using reflectance spectrometry in the infrared range. Bitumen recovery performance tests were conducted using a Denver cell for water flotation of aerated bitumen froth under a standard set of operating conditions. Hyperspectral measurements were(More)
Understanding how protein folds into a functional and structural configuration is arguably one of the most important and challenging problems in computational biology. Currently, the protein folding mechanism is often characterized by calculating the free energy landscape versus the reaction coordinates such as the fraction of native contacts, the radius of(More)
C a r n a t i o n C r e e k f lows i n t o the s o u t h w e s t c o r n e r o f B a r k l e y Sound, nea r B a m f i e l d , on the wes t c ~ a s t o f V a n c o u v e r I s l a n d , B r i t i s h Col umbia , and d r a i n s a 10 kma r e a in the c o a s t a l hemlock and c e d a r zone ( F i g u r e 1). The w a t e r s h e d has been i n t e n s i v e l(More)
The estimation of bitumen content in oil sands in feed stock is critical to improve the processability of ore and for effective bitumen extraction. Broad band reflectance spectroscopy has the potential to achieve this goal in a non-destructive manner but spectral variability is known to be influenced by the water content and mineralogy of oil sands. This(More)