J. Feng

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In a previous paper we demonstrated that the linear portion of the pressure-velocity loop (PU-loop) corresponding to early systole could be used to calculate the local wave speed. In this paper we extend this work to show that determination of the time at which the PU-loop first deviates from linearity provides a convenient way to determine the arrival time(More)
Understanding how protein folds into a functional and structural configuration is arguably one of the most important and challenging problems in computational biology. Currently, the protein folding mechanism is often characterized by calculating the free energy landscape versus the reaction coordinates such as the fraction of native contacts, the radius of(More)
Suaeda salsa is a succulent halophyte belonging to Suaedoideae; sodium, chloride and sulfate ions or combination of the ions were useful to its growth. The seed germination is important event in plants life cycle, and it is sensitive to salt stress. To further understand the molecular mechanisms of S. salsa seed germination under salt stress, cDNA-AFLP and(More)
This paper reviews studies on the face inversion effect and expertise. It is suggested that the inversion effect be considered as evidence of specific processing in face recognition or expertise of the objects, which meet three prerequisites. Some disputes are also pointed out in the review. It is proposed that further studies should be addressed to the(More)
Because of the advantages of EST-SSR markers, it has been employed as powerful markers for genetic diversity analysis, comparative mapping and phylogenetic studies. In this study, a total of 429,869 tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) ESTs were downloaded from the public databases, which offers an opportunity to identify SSRs in ESTs by data mining, and 38,165(More)
Stroke is mainly caused by a narrowing of the carotid artery from a build-up of plaque. The risk of plaque rupture and subsequent stroke is dependent on plaque composition. Advances in imaging modalities offer a non-invasive means to assess the health of blood vessels and detect damage. However, the current diagnosis fails to identify patients with soft(More)
In inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) imaging, a target is usually regarded as consist of a few strong (specular) scatterers and the distribution of these strong scatterers is sparse in the imaging volume. In this paper, we propose to incorporate the sparse signal recovery method in 3D multiple-input multiple-output radar imaging algorithm. Sequential(More)
A neutral high salt tolerant protease from Aspergillus oryzae CICIM F0899 which could be used for soy sauce production and other relevant applications under high-salt conditions was purified to homogeneity through ammonium sulfate precipitation, ion-exchange chromatography and gel filtration chromatography with overall recovery of 2%. Its molecular weight(More)
Chemokines are small, secreted cytokine peptides, known principally for their ability to induce migration and activation of leukocyte populations under both pathological and physiological conditions. On the basis of previously constructed express sequence tags (ESTs) of the head kidney and spleen cDNA library of the perciform marine fish Rachycentron(More)