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Changes have been found in calcium-ion binding to brain tissue exposed in vitro to a specific power density (0.83 mW/cm2) of 147-MHz radiation, amplitude modulated by a 16-Hz sine wave. This report replicates and extends this previous work. To define more precisely the range of effective power densities, two different numbers of samples were treated in a(More)
BACKGROUND Bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) are members of the transforming growth factor-beta superfamily of proteins that have multiple functional roles in mammalian development. A role for BMP4 in adult vascular remodeling has recently been suggested. We evaluated the expression of Bmp4 during neointimal lesion development in vivo. MATERIALS AND(More)
Neoaortic reconstruction using an autogenous conduit is an increasingly accepted option for the management of aortic graft infections. However, this approach is not without technical challenges and potential graft-related problems, some of which can be solved with endovascular techniques. All patients who underwent neoaortic reconstruction with(More)
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