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Ultra Wide Band technology has attracted a lot of attention recently as a viable solution for high data rate, low power, short-range wireless link. The growing multi-media home networking is demanding more bandwidth and wireless throughput has become a bottleneck for high quality multi-media services. With the maximum data rate above 100 Mbps, UWB is a(More)
Since the late 1950s, Mongolian pine (Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica) has been widely planted for vegetation restoration in arid and semi-arid areas in North China. We used stable isotope signals from precipitation, soil water, and xylem water of Mongolian pine trees, which were planted in early 1980s on sand dunes in the east-southern margin of Horqin(More)
Explicit analytical solutions to the surface potential and current of amorphous oxide semiconductors TFTs are presented. By reformulating Lambet function as two different exponential terms in different cases, we avoid much of the complexity that degeneration induces. Symmetric quadrature method is adopted here. The model shows a good agreement with the(More)
The two-photon transition c ð3686Þ ! J=c is studied in a sample of 1:06 Â 10 8 c ð3686Þ decays collected by the BESIII detector. The branching fraction is measured to be ð3:1 AE 0:6ðstatÞ þ0:8 À1:0 ðsystÞÞ Â 10 À4 using J=c ! e þ e À and J=c ! þ À decays, and its upper limit is estimated to be 4:5 Â 10 À4 at the 90% confidence level. This work represents(More)
Elevated emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and ammonia in China have resulted in high levels of sulfur and nitrogen deposition, being contributors to soil acidification, especially in and near large cities. However, knowledge gaps still exist in the way that large cities shape spatial patterns of acid deposition. Here, we assessed the patterns of(More)