J. F. de Rooij

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A comparative nuclear magnetic resonance study of the hydrogen-bonded imino protons in a series of synthetic DNA fragments is presented. The fragments ATCCTA(Tn)TAGGAT are in principle capable of forming either a self-complementary hairpin loop structure (monomer form) or an interior loop structure (dimeric form). It has been shown, that for n = 1 only the(More)
Synthetically-prepared 5'-NH2-dT(pdT)n oligomers (66,n=4 or 7) were immobilized on cyanogen bromide activated cellulose. The influence of temperature, pH, and ionic strength on the rate of the coupling process was studied. The oligomer 5'-NH2-DT(pdT)8 could be elongated enzymatically to the polymers 5'-NH2-dT(pdT)n (n=20, 51 and 84), which could be(More)
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