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Fibroblast growth factor 23(FGF23) is a bone-derived hormone which regulates mineral homeostasis but may also have a role in cardiovascular disease. Here, we found that higher plasma FGF23 was independently associated with decreased heart rate variability in stage 5 CKD patients and parathyroidectomy may reverse these abnormal indicators. Lower heart rate(More)
  • J F Zhang
  • 1991
In order to investigate the objective index of the type of differentiation of symptoms and signs between chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis, the levels of serum Tes, ALD, HCT, INS, GR, gastrin, T3, T4, TSH were tested in the chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis of 27 cases of sthenia-syndrome and 61 cases of asthenia-syndrome. Meanwhile, 30 cases of healthy people(More)
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