J-F Wei

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Nuclear factor-kappaB is a transcription factor that regulates a variety of genes involved not only with immune and inflammatory responses, but also in cell survival. Nuclear-factor kappaB in the CNS is an area of current research interest; however, its role in age-related neural degeneration is obscure. The present study examines developmental degeneration(More)
Overactivation of certain K(+) channels can mediate excessive K(+) efflux and intracellular K(+) depletion, which are early ionic events in apoptotic cascade. The present investigation examined a possible role of the KCNQ2/3 channel or M-channel (also named Kv7.2/7.3 channels) in the pro-apoptotic process. Whole-cell recordings detected much larger(More)
Pluripotency makes human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) promising for regenerative medicine, but the teratoma formation has been considered to be a major obstacle for their clinical applications. Here, we determined that the downregulation of miR-302 suppresses the teratoma formation, hampers the self-renewal and pluripotency, and promotes hPSC(More)
Contents Editorial News and comment Review 223 Strategies to achieve targeted gene delivery via the reeeptor-mediated endocytosis pathway Papers 233 Tumor cell bystander killing in colonic Carcinoma utilizing the Escherichia coli DeoD gene to generale toxic purines 239 Lipopolysacchahde is a frequent contaminant of Plasmid DNA preparations and can be toxic(More)
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