J. F. Sánchez-Royo

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Manipulating properties of matter at the nanoscale is the essence of nanotechnology, which has enabled the realization of quantum dots, nanotubes, metamaterials, and two-dimensional materials with tailored electronic and optical properties. Two-dimensional semiconductors have revealed promising perspectives in nanotechnology. However, the tunability of(More)
Here we describe the important role played by the pH on the morphology and structure of the reduced graphite oxide (rGO) samples obtained by hydrothermal treatment of the previously prepared GO. The nature of the resulting samples has been studied on the basis of a complete battery of experimental techniques.
The effect of pressure on acceptor levels and hole scattering mechanisms in p-GaSe is investigated through Hall effect and resistivity measurements under quasi-hydrostatic conditions up to 4 GPa. The pressure dependence of the hole concentration is interpreted through a carrier statistics equation with a single (nitrogen) or double (tin) acceptor whose(More)
The chemisorption of sulfur dioxide (SO2) on the Hofmann-like spin crossover porous coordination polymer (SCO-PCP) {Fe(pz)[Pt(CN)4]} has been investigated at room temperature. Thermal analysis and adsorption-desorption isotherms showed that ca. 1 mol of SO2 per mol of {Fe(pz)[Pt(CN)4]} was retained in the pores. Nevertheless, the SO2 was loosely attached to(More)
Gallium selenide is one of the most promising candidates to extend the window of band gap values provided by existing two-dimensional semiconductors deep into the visible potentially reaching the ultraviolet. However, the tunability of its band gap by means of quantum confinement effects is still unknown, probably due to poor nanosheet stability. Here, we(More)
The particular optical and electronic properties recently reported for 2D InSe depict this 2D material as being very versatile for future electronic and optoelectronic devices with tunable and optimized functionalities. For its fundamental study and the development of practical applications, rapid and accurate identification methods of atomically thin InSe(More)
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