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EGFR (epidermal growth factor receptor) gene gain assessed by FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization) has been shown to be predictive of response to EGFR-targeted therapies in patients with non–small cell lung cancer. The aim or our study was to relate the EGFR gene copy number to therapeutic results in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (CRC)(More)
The F and B matrices associated with Virasoro null vectors are derived in closed form by making use of the operator-approach suggested by the Liouville theory, where the quantum-group symmetry is explicit. It is found that the entries of the fusing and braiding matrices are not simply equal to quantum-group symbols, but involve additional coupling constants(More)
We report progress along the line of a previous article — nb. 1 of the series — by one of us (J.-L. G.). One main point is to include chiral operators with fractional quantum group spins (fourth or sixth of integers) which are needed to achieve the necessary correspondence between the set of conformal weights of primaries and the physical spectrum of(More)
Most lipomas are characterized by translocations involving the HMGA2 gene in 12q14.3. These rearrangements lead to the fusion of HMGA2 with an ectopic sequence from the translocation chromosome partner. Only five fusion partners of HMGA2 have been identified in lipomas so far. The identification of novel fusion partners of HMGA2 is important not only for(More)
Papillary renal cell carcinoma (pRCC) is the second most frequent renal cell carcinoma (RCC) after clear cell RCC. In contrast to clear cell RCC, there is no consensual protocol using targeted therapy for metastatic pRCC. Moreover, diagnosis of some pRCC, especially pRCC of type 2 (pRCC2) may be challenging. Our aim was to identify molecular biomarkers that(More)
We spell out the derivation of novel features, put forward earlier in a letter, of two dimensional gravity in the strong coupling regime, atCL = 7, 13, 19. Within the operator approach previously developed, they neatly follow from the appearence of a new cosmological term/marginal operator, different from the standard weak-coupling one, that determines the(More)
Good self-knowledge enables us to have a well- reasoned adaptation to our environment. Starting from this precept based on simple common sense, activity and cost analysis, when applied to medical departments in a university hospital setting, represents a necessary phase in their scientific progression and in the continuation of their university vocation.(More)
AIM To assess the reliability of systematic and exhaustive cancer Adicap code registration by French pathology laboratories within the Crisap of Paca East network. METHODS The Adicap code includes tumour site, histology and pathology technique. A quality control programme was applied to malignant and in situ tumours with an Adicap code to assess data(More)
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