J.-F. Ripoll

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We derive a hierarchy of models for gas-liquid two-phase flows in the limit of infinite density ratio, when the liquid is assumed to be incompressible. The starting model is a system of nonconservative conservation laws with relaxation. At first order in the density ratio, we get a simplified system with viscosity, while at the limit we obtain a system of(More)
By means of a surface-integral formalism we derive the integral equations for diffuse photon density waves with boundary conditions corresponding to a diffuse–diffuse interface with index mismatch and solve them numerically without any approximation. These numerical results are verified with Monte Carlo simulations for the planar interface case. Since the(More)
The surface integral formalism is used to derive the integral equations for the scattering of diffusive waves, which account for the contribution of object boundaries and interfaces between media and which are numerically solved without approximations. The extinction theorem and other surface integral theorems for diffusive waves are introduced to obtain(More)
We investigate the Opacity Distribution Function (ODF) approach by solving for the radiation in a simulated Apollo AS-501 re-entry. The ODF method groups the photons into bins of similar opacity and is compared to the usual multi-group method in which the photons are simply grouped according to frequency. We show that the ODF method gives an accurate(More)
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