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The configuration (214), considered by Klein, Burnside, Coxeter and others, is realized by points and lines in the real projective plane. A configuration (nk) is a family of n points and n lines such that each of the points is incident with precisely k of the lines, and each of the lines is incident with precisely k of the points. Configurations («3) have(More)
We describe details of anatomically preserved fossil glossopterid ovules from the Late Permian of Queensland, Australia, that contain several pollen tubes at various stages of releasing flagellated sperm. Each sperm is approximately 12.7 μm long and 13.9 μm wide, with a conspicuous spiral structure comprised of a series of dots that resemble the position of(More)
This study describes Homevaleia gouldii H. Nishida, Pigg, Kudo et Rigby gen. et sp. nov., an ovule-bearing glossopterid organ, based on a combination of recently collected permineralized specimens from the Late Permian Homevale Station locality in the Bowen Basin of Queensland, Australia, and on previously studied material from the 1977 Gould and Delevoryas(More)
Ediea homevalensis H. Nishida, Kudo, Pigg & Rigby gen. et sp. nov. is proposed for permineralized pollen-bearing structures from the Late Permian Homevale Station locality of the Bowen Basin, Queensland, Australia. The taxon represents unisexual fertile shoots bearing helically arranged leaves on a central axis. The more apical leaves are fertile(More)
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