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Centrioles, cilia, and flagella are ancestral conserved organelles of eukaryotic cells. Among the proteins identified in the proteomics of ciliary proteins in Paramecium, we focus here on a protein, Bug22p, previously detected by cilia and basal-body high-throughput studies but never analyzed per se. Remarkably, this protein is also present in plants, which(More)
BACKGROUND Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA) is the earliest and most severe inherited retinal degeneration. Isolated forms of LCA frequently result from mutation of the CEP290 gene which is expressed in various ciliated tissues. METHODS Seven LCA patients with CEP290 mutations were investigated to study otorhinolaryngologic phenotype and respiratory(More)
In nasal polyps (NPs), locally secreted growth factors are involved in the remodelling of the epithelium and extracellular matrix but little is known concerning vessel remodelling. The in situ expression of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in NPs and control nasal mucosa (CM) were evaluated and in vitro secretion of VEGF from primary human cultures(More)
Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) analysis of ciliary ultrastructure is classically used for the diagnosis of primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD). We report our extensive experience of TEM analysis in a large series of patients in order to evaluate its feasibility and results. TEM analysis performed in 1,149 patients with suspected PCD was retrospectively(More)
We analyzed frequency and duration parameters of voice and speech in two men with adductor spasmodic dysphonia (SD). One was treated with botulinum toxin injection; the other received acupuncture therapy. Improvement after acupuncture therapy in terms of standard deviation of fundamental frequency, acoustic perturbation measurements, durational measurements(More)
BACKGROUND Nasal polyposis, a chronic inflammatory disease affecting the upper airways, is a valuable and accessible model to investigate the mechanisms underlying chronic inflammation. The main objective of this study was to investigate a potential involvement of the unfolded protein response (UPR) in the context of oxidative stress and inflammation in(More)
BACKGROUND Primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD) is a rare congenital respiratory disorder characterized by abnormal ciliary motility leading to chronic airway infections. Qualitative evaluation of ciliary beat pattern based on digital high-speed videomicroscopy analysis has been proposed in the diagnosis process of PCD. Although this evaluation is easy in(More)
OBJECTIVES To subjectively evaluate the efficiency and tolerance of polypectomy using the microdebrider followed by local corticosteroids in nasal polyposis (NP) after medical therapy failure. METHODS Between 2000 and 2003, a polypectomy using the microdebrider was performed in 24 patients with NP. Efficiency was evaluated retrospectively by comparing(More)
BACKGROUND The characteristics of sinus fungal ball (SFB), classically considered being a non-invasive form of fungal infection, in patients with host factors for invasive fungal infection (IFI) are unknown. OBJECTIVE To characterize SFB and their management in patients with host factors for IFI. METHODOLOGY Retrospective single-centre study of the(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors present the guidelines of the French Society of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology and Head and Neck Surgery (SFORL) on patient information ahead of thyroid surgery. METHODS A multidisciplinary medical team was tasked with a scientific literature review on this topic. The texts retrieved were analyzed by an independent committee. A joint meeting(More)