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Universe operates in pure principle only, wherefrom we can choose to view Universe as an emergent computation. The proposed method for this most basic of computations is the computational cosmography, wherein a system of interacting deformable polyhedra utilizing the geometric prim-itives of R.B. Fuller's synergetic geometry coordinate and evolve within an(More)
This paper describes a case study in automated detection of service interaction or service interference. We present an implemented system, which takes as input a set of services, between which w e i n tend to detect potential interactions. The system can compose these services in diierent w ays. For each composition , the system performs an exhaustive(More)
A new class of fractals are introduced, which the author has labeled as synergetic fractals. Currently this class of synergetic fractals includes the tetrahedral gasket and the octa-hedral gasket. The tetrahedral gasket is used as a model for an exact two{dimensional real-space renormalization group calculation. It is shown that this spin{system has exact(More)
We show how to design the value of the diffusion constant D for the random walk of a tetrahedron in a face-centered cubic lattice, and for the random walk of a cube in a Cartesian lattice. As in previous work in two-dimensions, by allowing Null moves and movements to locations in the lattice other than nearest neighbors, we can design the value of the(More)