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The impact of disease on the ability of a person to perform work should be part of an economic evaluation when a societal viewpoint is used for the analysis. This impact is reflected by calculating productivity costs. Measurement of these costs is often performed retrospectively. The purpose of our study was to study precision and accuracy of a(More)
No conclusive evidence exists for any maxillomandibular relationship as the preferable treatment position. Measurement reliability of 2 different methods to attempt to locate centric relation in control and TMD patients was assessed to determine if both methods lead to the same position. A group of 27 controls and 91 TMD patients were examined using the(More)
BACKGROUND The use of a Tanner type stabilization splint, fabricated on a leaf gauge articulation for the treatment of patients with disc displacement without reduction, is lacking in the literature. OBJECTIVES The purpose of the study is to collect non-controlled, therapy-related observations; in other words, to demonstrate the efficacy of this appliance(More)
Controversy exists as to whether centric slide is an etiological factor for temporomandibular disorders. In this cross-sectional study the magnitude of centric slides, obtained with 2 different articulations and one with a millimetre ruler was compared. The study enrolled a group of 27 healthy individuals and 83 TMD patients, the latter divided in 3 groups(More)
The effect of vasopressin on the blood flow through experimentally induced esophageal varices and on the musculature of the lower end of the esophagus has been studied. The blood flow was measured by 85Kr injection into the portal vein and selective recording of the radioactivity of the blood flow through the varices. Simultaneous portography and recording(More)
In this in vitro study, a needle guidance device and a 'free hand' technique for ultrasound guided needle insertion were compared in a simulated ultrasound-guided interventional task using a porcine phantom. Residents inexperienced in using ultrasonography were asked to insert a needle, using an in-plane techniques, and to make contact with metal rods at a(More)
1. Opaque, vertical dividers were used to create either one or two feeding spaces in front of each cage. Three hens were housed in each 310 x 510 mm cage. 2. The effects of these dividers on feeding, extending head out of the cage front and agonistic behaviour were compared with undivided areas. Body weights were also recorded. 3. Compared with controls(More)
Although reproducibility of centric relation position, determined with an anterior deprogramming device, a leaf gauge, is widely accepted among clinicians, data confirming statistical evidence are lacking in the current literature. The objective of this study was to prove clinical reliability of a measuring-procedure to locate the centric relation position,(More)