J. F. Miravet

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Forty-two patients have been surgically treated for medically uncontrollable epilepsy, using the Talairach and Bancaud methodology. The mean age of the patients was 19 years (range 6-54 years). The location of the epileptogenic zone was:frontal in 18 patients, temporal in 14, temporo-parieto-occipital junction in 4, parietal in 4 and occipital in 2. The(More)
The authors present 4 patients with medically uncontrollable epilepsy of tumoural aetiology (grade I-II gliomas). In two of them, CT scan showed probable neoplastic lesions, located deeply in the left frontal and right temporal lobes respectively, reflected in the SEG studies only in the second case. The other two were patients with left frontal gliomas in(More)
We examine the self-assembly of a peptide A6H comprising a hexa-alanine sequence A6 with a histidine (H) "head group", which chelates Zn(2+) cations. We study the self-assembly of A6H and binding of Zn(2+) ions in ZnCl2 solutions, under acidic and neutral conditions. A6H self-assembles into nanotapes held together by a β-sheet structure in acidic aqueous(More)
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