J F Manjarris

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A case of a rare tendon rupture, well documented with clinical photographs, radiographs, and long-term followup, is reported. It is emphasized that the shoulder region must be carefully examined when a patient presents with a history compatible with pectoralis major tendon rupture. In a physically active individual, primary repair is very important to(More)
In a prospective study of conservative treatment of stenosing tenosynovitis of the fingers and thumb, 53 fingers and thumbs were injected with 1 cm3 of methylprednisolone and 1 cm3 of 1% lidocaine and immobilized for three weeks. Thirty-eight (72%) of the 53 digits had a successful outcome (mean follow-up period, 25 months). Fifteen (29%) digits in ten(More)
The medial approach to the hip is commonly used for open reduction of a congenitally dislocated hip, and cases of avascular necrosis have been reported following this operation. This approach has also been used for iliopsoas releases, but the complication of avascular necrosis has not been previously reported for this particular procedure. We present a case(More)
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