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Membranes of human erythrocytes were prepared by stepwise osmotic hemolysis in Ca2+-free solutions. Examination with the electron microscope after negative staining showed some short, conelike protuberances on the surface of about 20 percent of the ghosts, while 80 percent were round, intact spheres. After Ca2+ treatment, all membranes were round and(More)
1. The characteristics of Ca(2+) binding to haemoglobin-free human erythrocyte membranes were investigated by using (45)Ca and centrifugation partition of ;ghosts' from their external incubation medium. Equilibrium of ;ghosts' with external Ca(2+) required less than 15min. 2. The binding did not vary with temperature in the range 0-37 degrees C. 3. At pH7.4(More)