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Recent studies have revealed the presence of tau protein-immunoreactive accumulations and β amyloid protein (Aβ) deposits in the cerebral cortex of the aged mouse lemur, Microcebus murinus. To examine the age-related evolution of these changes and compare their regional distribution to that reported for humans and nonhuman primates with Alzheimer’s disease(More)
We report four cases of sciatica caused by gas in the epidural space with no other abnormality. Only 21 similar cases have been reported. Clinical features are identical to those of common sciatica, and plain radiographs are often uninformative. Computed tomography shows a low-density epidural collection displacing the nerve root.
OBJECTIVE To report a case of aplastic anemia that developed during ticlopidine treatment. CASE SUMMARY An 84-year-old woman was started on ticlopidine for secondary stroke prevention. Within six weeks of initiating ticlopidine therapy she developed aplastic anemia. She was hospitalized and received empiric antibiotics, antifungal agents, blood(More)
La prise en charge de l’hallux valgus a été profondément modifiée depuis 20 ans. Le scarf a été la première étape au début des années 1990 en permettant la réduction du metatarsus varus, une dérotation de l’épiphyse et un accourcissement. La table ronde de la SOFCOT en 2002 a été la deuxième étape en insistant sur le DMAA et sa mesure radiologique. En(More)
Five cases of post-traumatic partial epiphysiodesis were treated by surgical epiphysial release because of progressive deformity. In the first case, central epiphysiodesis of the lower extremity of the tibia resulted in a progressive varus foot. Surgery involved resection of the bony bridge and interposition of acrylic cement in order to avoid recurrence.(More)
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