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Seasonal patterns of dry mass invested in chlorophyll and epidermal phenolic compounds (EPhen) were investigated in vivo using optical methods, in leaves of 2-year-old oaks (Quercus petraea Matt. (Liebl.)) grown under semi-controlled conditions. The plasticity of the seasonal pattern was investigated by applying stem girdling treatment. In control young(More)
A quantitative and comprehensive knowledge of leaf fluorescence is required for the interpretation of fluorescence signals at the canopy level and also for the modelling of leaf and canopy fluorescence. In this work we present full range fluorescence excitation and emission spectra of intact leaves, expressed in units of apparent spectral fluorescence(More)
The existence of the cosmic neutrino background (CνB) is predicted by Big Bang Theory, and its properties are closely related to the ones of the cosmic microwave background, which is measured with amazing accuracy. Although belonging to the most abundant particles of the universe, the relic neutrinos evade direct detection so far. Cosmological probes(More)
In this paper we present results of variational data assimilation One can symbolically write the modified forecast model equaexperiments using Atmospheric Radiation Measurement tions representing the step from time t to t as (ARM) observations over the Southern Great Plains Cloud and Radiation Testbed (CART) Site. Large scale forcing for the single column(More)
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