J F Lotspeich

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The modulation sensitivity enhancement features of Fabry-Perot electrooptic modulators have been recognized for a decade and their unique performance characteristics, including bandwidth and modulation frequency limita­ tions, extensively analyzed. Several operational de­ vices have been designed and built in recent years for wide­ band video modulation,(More)
The principle of usinga bifurcated fiber bundle to measure mechanical distances and displacements has been known since the 1960s. In this configuration, the two legs of the fiber bundle are connected to a light emitter and a photodetector. A reflecting surface at a distance dfrom the common end of the bundle couples light from fibers leading from the(More)
Wideband, low power electrooptic modulators of optical waveguide structure have been developed for infrared laser applications. They allow a reduction in driver power of two orders of magnitude below that of conventional devices. The modulators are composed of very thin layers of single-crystal GaAs, bounded on both sides by evaporated films of lower(More)
The design and fabriction of electrooptic Bragg diffraction modulators in Ti-diffused LiTaO(3) waveguides are reported. The modulators developed have demonstrated 98% deflection efficiency for visible and near-ir operation with extinction ratios of at least 250:1 for both deflected (m = 1) and nondeflected (m = 0) beams.
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