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To lengthen the child's mandibular ramus, we use, since 1977, an autologous osteochondral rib graft fixed to the posterior margin of the ramus. Experimental studies show that this graft has a growth potential, the osteochondral junction responds to the biomechanical forces in a similar way to the mandibular condyle. Surgical treatment allows an immediate(More)
IgA-, IgM- and IgG-containing immune complexes (CIC) were detected in 48, 19 and 12% of 52 patients with primary Sjögren's syndrome (SS), in 36, 38 and 56% of 45 patients with rheumatoid arthritis, and in 8, 5 and 3% of 40 normal controls. A high proportion of primary SS patients also had considerable amounts of serum IgA and elevated levels of IgA with(More)
Results of three therapeutic modalities used for the treatment of a homogeneous series of patients with a Pouteau Colles fracture are analyzed. Orthopedic treatment provided deceiving results. Pinning was, on the contrary, very effective, intrafocal pinning with immediate mobilization of the wrist appearing perfectly effective. Few complications were(More)
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