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Central venous access port devices (CVAPD) are necessary for delivery of prolonged infusional chemotherapy or in patients with poor peripheral venous access. Previous studies of Hickman catheters report complication rates in about 45% of patients. Our aim was to assess the early and late complication rate, and duration that the CVAPD remained functional,(More)
Vaccination against hepatitis B virus (HBV) immediately after birth prevents neonatal infection by vertical transmission from HBV carrier mothers. There is an ongoing debate whether infant vaccination is sufficient to protect against infection when exposed to HBV later in life. We studied 222 Thai infants born to HBsAg -/+ and HBeAg -/+ mothers who were(More)
Pulmonary functions at rest and cardiorespiratory responses to low speed treadmill walking were investigated in 24 patients (P), (mean age, 38 years; range, 20 to 56 yr) with multiple sclerosis and compared with a control group (C). The following parameters were significantly (p less than 0.01) different in P from those in C. At rest in P, the residual(More)
A combined hepatitis A and B vaccine is available since 1996. Two separate open-label primary studies evaluated the immunogenicity and safety of this hepatitis A and B vaccine (720 EI.U of HAV and 20 µg of HBsAg) in 306 healthy subjects aged 17-43 years who received three doses of the vaccine following a 0, 1, and 6 months schedule. These subjects were(More)
Authors report a prospective clinical an bacteriological study in 32 patients, almost with a chronic bronchopulmonary disease. A group of 16 patients was treated with the association clavulanic acid-amoxicillin (ACA) and the 16 others with josamycin (J) for an acute exacerbation of bronchitis. Pus and numeration of bacteria in expectorations were the(More)