J. F. J. Caers

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When assessing the mechanical durability of electronic assemblies, the focus is generally on the solder interconnect. However, in many package styles, such as BGAs (ball grid arrays), LGAs (land grid arrays), MLFs (micro lead frame) and QFNs (quad flat no-lead), the Cu trace emanating from the solder pad may be the weakest failure site, especially if the(More)
This study focuses on quasi-static mechanical cycling durability of copper traces on printed wiring assemblies (PWAs). PWA specimens populated with Land Grid Array (LGA) components on copper-defined pads were cycled to failure under zero-to-max, three-point bending. Failure is defined in terms of electrical opens due to fatigue damage propagation through(More)
In the conversion towards Pb-free electronics, there has been increasing interest in conductive adhesive interconnects, as they combine Pb-free materials with an attractive, low temperature, processing. One such promising packaging concept is direct bonding of flip-chip dies onto printed wiring boards (PWBs), with adhesive bonds between a gold-bumped(More)
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