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Respiration in tidal marshes plays an important role in the global carbon cycle, but is little investigated in Asia. In this study, ecosystem respiration in three brackish marshes dominated by Spartina alterniflora (smooth cordgrass), Phragmites australis (common reed) and Cyperus malaccensis (shichito matgrass) were examined monthly during 2009 in the(More)
The primary objective of this study is to evaluate the impacts of transverse rumble strips in reducing crashes and vehicle speeds at pedestrian crosswalks on rural roads in China. Using crash data reported at 366 sites, the research team conducted an observational before-after study using a comparison group and the Empirical Bayesian (EB) method to evaluate(More)
A simulation model is developed in this study for managing state highway maintenance. The purpose of this model is to develop causal links between revenue sources and expense demands of highway maintenance so as to suggest how to formulate cost allocation policies and programming strategies that are fair, economic and sustainable.
We report a tunable pulsed optical parametric oscillator using a double-prism domain PPLN as simultaneously an electro-optic Q-switch and a parametric generator in a Nd:YVO<sub>4</sub> laser. &gt;2.3-kW peak-power eye-safe light was obtained with this system.
A synthetic strain of ducks (Anas platyrhynchos) was developed by introducing genes for long duration of fertility to be used as mother of mule ducklings and a seven-generation selection experiment was conducted to increase the number of fertile eggs after a single artificial insemination (AI) with pooled Muscovy semen. Reciprocal crossbreeding between(More)
The effects of assigning inaccurate reference lifetimes in lifetime determinations are predicted theoretically by using standard equations. This theory leads to a method to remove reference error effects using common least-squares software. This method cannot, however, be used to deconvolute data collected with isochronal references. Uncorrected data can(More)
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