J F Gourvest

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Several extracts from Epilobium parviflorum, a plant used in Central Europe for the treatment of prostate disorders, were evaluated in a biochemical assay with 5-alpha-reductase. The aqueous extract displaying inhibition of the enzyme was analyzed, the fraction responsible for this activity was purified, and the active compound identified as a macrocyclic(More)
To assess the ability of L-2-oxothiazolidine-4-carboxylate (OTC) to stimulate the biosynthesis of glutathione (GSH) in non-fasted male rats, the time-courses of GSH and cysteine contents were studied in liver, kidney, heart and brain, following a single intraperitoneal injection of OTC (5 mmol/kg), with or without co-administration of the GSH depletor(More)
The synthesis of a series of RGD mimetic alpha(v)beta3 antagonists containing a hydantoin scaffold is shown. The results demonstrate some of the structural requirements for the design of selective alpha(v)beta3 antagonists (vs alpha(IIb)beta3) in terms of the Arg-mimetic, the distance between N- and C-terminus and the lipophilic side chain.
A series of novel, highly potent alpha(v)beta(3) antagonists based on a thiophene scaffold and containing an acylguanidine as an Arg-mimetic is described. A number of structural features, such as cyclic versus open guanidine and a variety of lipophilic side chains, carbamates, sulfonamides and beta-amino acids were explored with respect to inhibition of(More)
A new family of non-steroidal 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors was designed by replacing the steroid skeleton of an inhibitor related to estrone by a biphenyl moiety. This hypothesis originated from the reported estrogenic activity of a few biphenyl compounds (see Part 1 of this paper; Lesuisse et al. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 2001, 11, 1709). Two compounds(More)
RU54115 is a new potent inhibitor of aromatase. In vitro, it inhibits the enzyme from human placental microsomes with a Ki of 0.5 nM, which places it among the tightest reported steroidal inhibitors of aromatase. In vivo, it lowers the amount of circulating estradiol in pregnant mare serum gonadotrophin (PMSG)-primed female rats with an ED50 of 0.4 mg/kg(More)
During the course of a study aimed at the search for new potent aromatase inhibitors, several new androstenedione analogs were synthesized and evaluated. This study led to the discovery of 19-[(methylthio)methyl]androsta-4,9(11)-diene-3,17-dione (7; RU54115) already described by our laboratory. The object of the present series of papers is to disclose the(More)
A series of new 4-(alkylthio)-substituted androstenedione analogues was designed as potential suicide inhibitors of aromatase on the basis of mechanistic considerations on the mode of action of the enzyme. Their synthesis and biological evaluation are described. Among the most interesting are the 4-[(difluoromethyl)thio]-, 4-[(fluoromethyl)thio]-, and(More)
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