J. F. Fuster

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The effects of two different degrees of experimentally induced anemia and the consequent high percentage of circulating immature erythrocytes on oxygen affinity (pH 7.5 and 41 degrees C), erythrocyte organic phosphates, and Hb fractions have been studied in quail. Blood reticulocytes reached percentages of 24 and 69-87% in the first and second experiments,(More)
1. Data on morphological and physiological parameters from 346 species of birds were collected from diverse sources. 2. The observed relationships among some pairs of variables showed differences between the five flight styles into which the studied birds were classified. 3. The characteristic kind of flight for each species is related to four easily(More)
Oxygen stores available for aerobic diving were studied in the freshwater turtle (Mauremys caspica leprosa) at three constant body temperatures (15 degrees, 25 degrees, and 35 degrees C) and during the thermal transient (30 degrees-15 degrees C) induced by immersion in cold water. The term "aerobic dive limit" has been defined as the maximal duration of the(More)
A novel optical beamforming architecture for phased-array antennas operating at millimeter-wave frequencies is presented. Experimental results at 28 GHz have demonstrated very good performance for this technique, based on optical upconversion and wideband chirped fiber gratings.
A study of lung gas exchange in the fresh water turtle Mauremys caspica leprosa at normal physiological body temperatures (15, 25 and 35 °C) was extended to extreme temperatures (5 and 40 °C) to determine whether the direct relationship between body temperature and ventilatory response found in many lung-breathing ectotherms including other chelonian(More)
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