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Small-scale point velocity probe (PVP)-derived velocities were compared to conventional large-scale velocity estimates from Darcy calculations and tracer tests, and the possibility of upscaling PVP data to match the other velocity estimates was evaluated. Hydraulic conductivity was estimated from grain-size data derived from cores, and single-well response(More)
HydrogeoEstimatorXL is a free software tool for the interpretation of flow systems based on spatial hydrogeological field data from multi-well networks. It runs on the familiar Excel spreadsheet platform. The program accepts well location coordinates and hydraulic head data, and returns an analysis of the area flow system in twodimensions based on a) a(More)
In press. Governing large-scale social-ecological systems: lessons from a comparison of five cases. International Journal of the Commons. In press. " Into the deep blue sea: Commons theory and international governance of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna " .International Journal of the Commons. Confronting problems of method in the study of sustainability. " Forest(More)
This was the second time I co-taught the course and the second time with David Douglas. As in the previous year the course content was divided explicitly between sessions on planning theory and sessions on development theory. The content was very heavy and the reading list was very extensive. There was again difficulties in moving from lecture to discussion(More)
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