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A case of bilateral spontaneous carotid-cavernous fistula with increased intra-ocular pressure is reported. Two new methods have been performed with success on this patient during successive interventions realised by two teams (maxillo-facial surgeons and neuroradiologists). Coils and sclerotic liquid are introduced by the distal superior ophthalmic vein.
The authors, reviewing a series of 16 at least subtotal nasal reconstructions over the past 4 years, discuss the respective advantages of the two methods, which both give good results for this purpose. Nowadays, the balance favors expansion despite its duration and complexity for the very significant aesthetic benefits in terms of forehead scarring. The(More)
Five adult patients with gunshot wound defect underwent bilateral mandibular lengthening by an extraoral device. All patients presented with interrupting mandibular defect of 50 to 100 mm. Distraction of bone fragments led to mandibular reconstruction without bone grafting and simultaneous expansion of soft tissues, avoiding free or pedicled myocutaneous(More)
BACKGROUND In periodontal disease, interleukin-1beta (IL-1beta) is responsible for the matrix breakdown through excessive production of degrading enzymes by periodontal ligament fibroblasts and osteoblasts. Transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta) plays an important role in tissue regeneration as one of the factors capable of counteracting IL-1beta(More)
INTRODUCTION Horsley wax® is an efficient bone haemostatic agent commonly used in bone surgery. But it is non resorbable and surgeons should be aware of possible complications, which can appear many years later. OBSERVATION We report three cases of foreign body granulomas due to bone wax. A 14-years-old female patient with an Apert syndrome underwent Le(More)
The juxtaoral organ is a normal and constant structure of the oral cavity. It consists of benign epithelial nests. We describe an intraoral tumour of the juxtaoral organ in a child. The tumour was not diagnosed after clinical and radiological examinations because it is extremely rare. A histological examination revealed a tumour of the juxtaoral organ,(More)
BACKGROUND Although osteogenic distraction is a well-established technique, the distraction device still needs to be improved, miniaturized, and made lighter, more flexible, and more adaptable for mandibular reconstruction in adults with gunshot wounds. The authors successively used unidirectional and bidirectional devices, followed by a bone transporter(More)
The authors present 8 cases of rare tumors of the nasal septum and define a number of characteristic points on the basis of each of them. The following are presented: --a malignant nevus, the rarety of E.N.T. sites of such tumors is emphasized, as well as important role of immunotherapy in their treatment, alongside surgery and radio-therapy. --a(More)
Reconstruction of the vermilion border in three patients with maxillofacial bullet wounds was by use of a tongue flap. The interest of a bifid flap is stressed, this providing a border capable of allowing almost normal opening of the mouth, and possessing the advantage of its removal from the ventral surface giving an appearance close to that of the(More)