J.-F. Brudny

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For reinnervation of facial paralysis, the XII-VII nerve anastomosis provides tone and mass contraction but rarely allows selective muscle control. The efficacy of EMG rehabilitation was evaluated in 30 patients who had no coordinated control of facial muscles. EMG signals from bilateral homologous facial muscle sites were converted into computer-compatible(More)
Electromyographic (EMG) feedback has been proposed to enhance rehabilitation following hypoglossal-facial nerve anastomosis. Sixteen of 25 patients who underwent hypoglossal-facial nerve anastomosis with and without postoperative EMG rehabilitation were videotaped for evaluation of facial movement by four observers unaware of these patients' rehabilitation(More)
—This paper deals with the influence of the AC machine pole number on vibrations and noise of electromagnetic origin. First, rules of design of AC machines are reminded, pointing out the influence of the pole number. Then, the origin of magnetic vibrations and noise is explained. Analytical mechanical relations are given, allowing to estimate vibrations and(More)
Advances in the understanding of the relationship of proprioceptive (kinesthetic) feedback to motor physiology have prompted the study of therapeutic effects of audiovisual displays of EMG activity. Patients with various manifestations of disturbed neuromotor control were studied prospectively for three years. This group included 114 patients with(More)
Despite the presence of some voluntary movement, the loss of discrete control impairs functioning of the arm and hand in most hemiparetics. Seventy hemiparetic patients, aged 12 to 78 years, were treated and followed up for six months to three years. Electromyographic activity monitored from dysfunctional primary movers during attempted movement was(More)
Brain insults, regardless of etiology, may disrupt the CNS servosystems concerned with patterned voluntary movements and result in disorders of such movement. To aid functional recovery, we applied in these patients oscilloscopic display of digitally integrated EMG, monitored from malfunctioning primary movers, during attempted execution of movement(More)
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