J. F. Boas

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The relative energy response of NE2561 and NE261 IA ionization chambers to megavoltage photon beams from the ARPANSA linac indicates significant differences between these two types of chamber. In 16 MV beams of TPR20(10) 0.779, differences of about 2% are observed. The results are expressed as ratios KQ of the beam quality correction factors kQ, where the(More)
Thermoluminescence dosimetry (TLD) using LiF:Mg,Ti and electron spin resonance dosimetry using alanine (ALD) have been used to map the dose distribution in the sample chamber of a Gammacell-1000 Irradiator. The results showed that the dose rate to air varied by approximately 20% over the volume of the chamber. The mean ratio of the dose rates at various(More)
Australian and Canadian calibration coefficients for air kerma and absorbed dose to water for60Co gamma radiation have been compared using transfer standard ionization chambers of types NE 2561 and NE 2611A. Whilst the primary standards of air kerma are similar, both being thick-walled graphite cavity chambers but employing different methods to evaluate the(More)
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