J. F. B. M. Kraaijevanger

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matrix behavior cannot be inferred from the norm of the resolvent (Theorem 2). It remains to be seen, however, whether the gap between these two kinds of information may be quantiiable. For example, the gap between the norms of powers kA n k and the bound provided by the Kreiss Matrix Theorem is known to be linear in the dimension of the matrix|remarkably(More)
In this note the exact order ofB-convergence is determined for them-stage Gaussian Runge-Kutta method. Form=1 this order is 2, whereas form≥2 this order turns out to be onlym. In dieser Note bestimmen wir die exakteB-Konvergenzordnung desm-stufigen Gauss'schen Runge-Kutta Verfahrens. Fürm=1 ist diese Ordnung 2, während sich fürm≥2 nurm als Ordnung ergibt.
On stability of streamwise streaks and transition to turbulence in plane channel ows, J. An experimental investigation of the circumstances which determine whether the motion of water shall be direct or sinuous, and of the law of resistance in parallel channels, Phil. The traction boundary value problem for the elastostatic semi-nite strip; existence of(More)
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