J. F. Araujo

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Multiple UAVs can be used to cover a region effectively. Area coverage involves two stages - area decomposition into cells and path planning inside the cells. The area is decomposed using sweeping technique. For path planning inside the cells, a novel method is developed where optimal number of lanes are generated to minimize the number of UAV turns to(More)
This study was conducted in order to evaluate the transmission of caprine lentivirus to sheep using different experimental groups. The first one (colostrum group) was formed by nine lambs receiving colostrum from goats positive for small ruminant lentiviruses (SRLV). The second group (milk group) was established by nine lambs that received milk of these(More)
This article presents considerations and results of practical tests on the use of insulating polyamide monofilament line as the likely replacement for the traditional non-insulating multifilament ropes, employed in online interventions. The use of insulating polyamide monofilament line decreases the necessary time in online interventions, since some safety(More)
Recently the experimental group of A. Aspect published a very interesting experimental realization of the well known Wheeler's delayed-choice Gedanken Experiment. In the paper the authors refer to the usual, non causal linear explanation of the experiment. In the present work we show how it is possible, and furthermore desirable, to explain the same(More)
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