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Multiple UAVs can be used to cover a region effectively. Area coverage involves two stages - area decomposition into cells and path planning inside the cells. The area is decomposed using sweeping technique. For path planning inside the cells, a novel method is developed where optimal number of lanes are generated to minimize the number of UAV turns to(More)
Management evaluation of Panicum maximum cv. massai (Massai guineagrass) under deferment contributes as a strategic reserve of forage in the Brazilian semi-arid region. The objective of this study was to evaluate biomass production and nutritive value of massai guineagrass in an area of thinned caatinga vegetation in two deferment periods (60 and 90 days(More)
This article presents considerations and results of practical tests on the use of insulating polyamide monofilament line as the likely replacement for the traditional non-insulating multifilament ropes, employed in online interventions. The use of insulating polyamide monofilament line decreases the necessary time in online interventions, since some safety(More)
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