J. F. A. Spangenberg

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An expression library from porcine kidney cortex was screened with a monoclonal antibody (R4A6) which stimulates high-affinity phlorizin binding in kidney and intestine but does not react with the membrane protein (SGLT1) which mediates Na(+)-coupled transport of D-glucose (Hediger, M.A., Coady, M.J., Ikeda, T.S., and Wright, E.M. (1987) Nature 330,(More)
AKNOWLEDGEMENTS This dissertation is the result of research activities jointly financed by the European Integrated Project ALARM (COCE-CT-2003-506675) and the training action Marie Curie in the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation at the University of Leeds. Besides financial support, I owe to these initiatives the opportunity of exchanging my opinions(More)
Apo E, a key regulator of cholesterol-rich lipoprotein metabolism, is synthesized by numerous extrahepatic tissues. Although its synthesis in macrophages is documented, the contribution of macrophage-derived apo E to hepatic clearance of serum cholesterol is unknown. To address this issue bone marrow transplantation was performed on hypercholesterolemic apo(More)
High density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol in apolipoprotein (apo) E-deficient mice is decreased. It has been suggested that apoA-I is lost from HDL in these mice because it must substitute for apoE as a structural protein for the abnormal cholesterol-rich lipoproteins. Therefore, we examined in vivo the influence of selective apoE expression on plasma HDL(More)
Bone marrow-derived macrophages and lymphocytes express LDL receptors (LDL-R), which allow these cells to take up cholesterol-rich lipoproteins. Although these cells are ubiquitously distributed in the body, it is not known whether they influence plasma cholesterol. Macrophages and T lymphocytes also are found in atherosclerotic lesions, but it is not known(More)
Functional characterization of Na(+)-D-glucose cotransport in intestine and kidney indicates the existence of heterogeneous Na(+)-D-glucose cotransport systems. Target size analysis of the transporting unit and model analysis of substrate binding have been performed and proteins have been cloned which mediate (SGLT1) and modulate (RS1) the expression of(More)
A pilot-study was done to investigate the applicability of the sickness impact profile (SIP) in ex-ICU patients. For this study 221 consecutively admitted patients were reviewed retrospectively after excluding children, deceased patients and readmissions. SIP was assessed in these patients by either interview or questionnaire. These were divided into three(More)
Spangenber~ et al. have tested hypotheses concernin'g facilitators and inhibitors of scientific performance in Dutch economics. In order to examine the external validity of the findings, a comparison is made with large scale empirical studies conducted in two other countries. In order to examine the convergent validity of the overall performance measure,(More)