J. Félix Gutiérrez-Corona

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Mucor circinelloides is a dimorphic fungal model for studying several biological processes including cell differentiation (yeast-mold transitions) as well as biodiesel and carotene production. The recent release of the first draft sequence of the M. circinelloides genome, combined with the availability of analytical methods to determine patterns of gene(More)
Anthropogenic extreme environments are among the most interesting sites for the bioprospection of extremophiles since the selection pressures may favor the presence of microorganisms of great interest for taxonomical and astrobiological research as well as for bioremediation technologies and industrial applications. In this work, T-RFLP and 16S rRNA gene(More)
The ChrA membrane protein belongs to the CHR superfamily of chromate ion transporters, which includes homologues from bacteria, archaea and eukaryotes. Bacterial ChrA homologues confer chromate resistance by exporting chromate ions from the cell’s cytoplasm. The Neurospora crassa strain 74-A chr-1 gene encodes a putative CHR-1 protein of 507 amino acid(More)
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