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A class of parametric dynamic survival models are explored in which only limited parametric assumptions are made, whilst avoiding the assumption of proportional hazards. Both the log-baseline hazard and covariate effects are modelled by piecewise constant and correlated processes. The method of estimation is to use Markov chain Monte Carlo simulations:(More)
The authors define a new feature of a circadian rhythm, the reset zone, and point out its usefulness for predictions concerning oscillator behavior. The reset zone measures the responses of a circadian system to resetting pulses. It can be easily determined from a phase transition curve (PTC), which is simply a phase response curve (PRC) replotted as new(More)
Vehicle weight reduction, reduced costs and improved safety performance are the main driving forces behind material selection for automotive applications. These goals are conflicting in nature and solutions will be realized by innovative design, advanced material processing and advanced materials. Advanced high strength steels are engineered materials that(More)
Spectral line narrowing (by a factor of 8) and stabilization of the emission wavelength (by a factor of 30) of multimode high-power laser diodes and arrays is demonstrated by use of volume Bragg gratings fabricated in high-stability inorganic photorefractive glasses. Applications include stabilization of pump laser diodes and arrays for solid-state lasers(More)
The C-Band Aerosol Release Detector (CBARD) system developed under the Homeland Defense Chemical Biological Umbrella (HDCBU) program utilizes existing FAA airport surveillance and weather radars to detect aerosol releases from crop-duster type aircraft and provide early warning and advisory capabilities for emergency response agencies. The CBARD system(More)
Historically, the demand for automobiles that reduce environmental impacts and the demands for improved vehicle safety and cost effectiveness have been in conflict. However, results of the ULSAB-AVC (Advanced Vehicle Concepts) program, the most recent global steel industry initiative, show that all of these challenging demands can be met simultaneously. The(More)
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