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The effect of surgery on carbohydrate metabolism has been studied in 20 patients. The blood sugar and serum immunoreactive insulin (IRI) levels were determined during various operations. The blood sugar level rose progressively with the duration of the intervention. A difference was detected in the changes of the blood sugar and serum-IRI levels during(More)
Serum-immunoreactive insulin response on glucose load was observed during the operation of 13 patients. The tests were performed on the same patients also 5 days prior to operation. The patients were divided into two groups according to the performed operation which was either intra- or extraperitoneal. Glucose tolerance during operation remained unchanged,(More)
Authors call attention with the demonstration of pictures of a few cases of their own to the significance of the ultrasound examination in cases of shoulder injuries. They stress that beside the demonstration of rotator cuff injuries the examination of the surrounding muscles and the labrum glenoidale should not be forgotten either. The modernization of the(More)
Authors deal with a characteristic and frequent sport damage, not yet described in the professional literature of this country. The Syndrome "Jumper's knee" is a collective term comprising the insertiopathies in the knee region, developed in consequence of the overuse of the extensors. During 6 years 385 patients were treated for this problem at the(More)
Purpose is to review the current impact of various imaging modalities on management of patients with cartilaginous tumors. Many cartilaginous tumors have typical radiographic appearances and do not pose a diagnostic dilemma. Examples are osteochondroma, chondroblastoma, chondromyxoid fibroma, etc. Differentiation between malignant and benign cartilaginous(More)
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