J. Esther C. Wiersinga-Post

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In a two-alternative, forced-choice experiment, subjects had to compare the pitches of two sounds, A and B. Each sound was composed of four successive harmonics of a fundamental frequency between 100 to 250 Hz, added in cosine or Schröder phase. The harmonic frequencies of A were lower than those of B; the missing fundamental frequency of A was higher than(More)
The effects of low-intensity electrical stimulation of sites in the hypothalamus and zona incerta (ZI) on mean blood pressure (MBP), heart rate (HR), and neuronal activity in the midbrain periaqueductal gray (PAG) were investigated in rats. Long-lasting depressor responses were elicited from 67 sites in the hypothalamus and ZI. Effects on HR were variable,(More)
The mechanical frequency selectivity of the cupula located in the supraorbital lateral line canal and the frequency selectivity of the hair cells driven by the cupula were measured simultaneously in vivo. Laser interferometry was used to measure cupular mechanics and extracellular receptor potentials were recorded to determine hair cell frequency(More)
PURPOSE Several studies on auditory temporal-order processing showed gender differences. Women needed longer inter-stimulus intervals than men when indicating the temporal order of two clicks presented to the left and right ear. In this study, we examined whether we could reproduce these results in order to further investigate the differences in auditory(More)
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