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The Stroop Color-Word Test-Victoria version (VST) is a measure of executive function commonly used in neuropsychological evaluation. Because of its short administration time, the VST seems particularly appropriate for use in geriatric populations and with those suffering from dementia and who are prone to fatigue during neuropsychological examination. In(More)
Memory deficit is the most common and invalidating cognitive impairment in subjects with Alzheimer's disease (AD). So far, pharmacological treatment shows little efficacy on the memory deficits. Recent studies have shown that specific cognitive remediation techniques can help compensating for memory deficits in AD dementia, even in advanced stages. Spaced(More)
This study evaluated the validity and reliability of the Montessori Assessment System. The Montessori Assessment System assesses preserved abilities in persons with moderate to severe dementia. In this respect, this instrument provides crucial information for the development of effective person-centered care plans. A total of 196 persons with a diagnosis of(More)
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