J. Eric Tilton

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In this paper we show that application-aware adaptation, a collaborative partnership between the operating system and applications, offers the most general and effective approach to mobile information access. We describe the design of Odyssey, a prototype implementing this approach, and show how it supports concurrent execution of diverse mobile(More)
The current experiment was conducted with beef cows during the first 2 weeks postpartum (PP) to determine the effects of suckling and low-level increases of systemic progesterone on secretory characteristics of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) in peripheral plasma. Variables measured included mean gonadotropin concentrations,(More)
Short-term feed restriction in prepubertal gilts suppresses episodic LH secretion in the absence of changes in body weight or composition. To assess non-gonadotropin-mediated effects of realimentation at the ovarian level, 52 gilts were assigned to six treatments after 7 days (Days 1-7) of maintenance feeding (approximately 30% ad libitum). Groups R12 and(More)
Seventy-two Duroc x Hampshire x Yorkshire pigs were used to evaluate bioelectrical impedance procedures to predict fat-free mass of live pigs. Pigs were allotted by sex, ancestry, and weight. Pigs (12 gilts and 12 barrows) averaging 50+/-2.4 kg were slaughtered to establish a baseline for body composition. A pen of six gilts and a pen of six barrows were(More)
This study investigated the effects of feeding the orally active progestagen, altrenogest (Regumate) post-weaning on the subsequent reproductive performance of early weaned sows. Ninety (90) Large White/Landrace first parity sows were randomly assigned to three treatments. Treatment 1 (EW) and treatment 3 (CW) sows were weaned on day 12 and day 24(More)
The effect of prolonged hyperprolactinaemia on the secretion of LH, progesterone and oestradiol, and its relationship to the maintenance of pregnancy was examined in pigs. Twelve crossbred, pregnant gilts were injected i.m. with 1.5 mg haloperidol kg-1 body weight (n = 6) or vehicle (n = 6) once a day from day 60 to day 66 of pregnancy. Blood samples were(More)
Three trials involving 87 gilts were completed to investigate the role of additional sexual stimulation on various reproductive parameters. Forty-five gilts were mated twice at 12-h intervals at second pubertal estrus with intact boars beginning 12 h after detection of sexual receptivity (control group). Forty-two gilts were exposed to a vasectomized boar(More)
LH/hCG-binding sites were measured in crude membrane fractions of porcine uteri. Specific high affinity and low capacity receptors for LH/hCG were found in all (n = 17) membrane preparations of myometrium but in only 5 of 17 crude membrane fractions of endometrium of porcine uteri. There was very little competition between hCG and porcine GH (pGH), bovine(More)