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In corporate finance and asset pricing empirical work, researchers are often confronted with panel data. In these data sets, the residuals may be correlated across firms or across time, and OLS standard errors can be biased. Historically, the two literatures have used different solutions to this problem. Corporate finance has relied on clustered standard(More)
Eighty patients with severe back or leg pain were assessed by a battery of psychological tests. Functional factors (that is, psychological and behavioral characteristics) though to be contributing to the patient's pain experience were analyzed, and the patient's response to surgery was predicted. Patients were selected for the study on the availability of(More)
/&rmnary circulation in isolated rabbit lungs. Am, J. Physiol. 1g6(2): 401-414. 1959.-A new method has been devised for measuring the compliance (volume change + pressure change) of the pulmonary arterial tree (down to the capil-laries), in isolated, Krebs-Ringer-perfused rabbit lungs. The lungs were suspended in a plethysmograph and inflated with NZO.(More)
Concern is growing about the ability of categorical medicine residency programs, structured within academic health centers, to provide balanced, progressive, postgraduate internal medicine education. Detrimental factors, including over-representation of critically ill patients, shortened length of hospitalization, stress, discontinuity between undergraduate(More)
We show that media coverage of mutual fund holdings affects how investors allocate money across funds. Controlling for fund performance, fund holdings with high past returns attract extra flows only if these stocks were recently featured in the media. In contrast, holdings that were not covered in major newspapers do not affect flows. We present evidence(More)
Science education in the United States at all academic levels is widely perceived to need direct assistance from professional scientists. The current dearth of quality applicants from this country to medical and graduate schools suggests that our existing undergraduate and high school science curriculum is failing to provide the necessary stimulus for(More)