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The hearing thresholds of two adult manatees were measured using a forced-choice two alternative paradigm and an up/down staircase psychometric method. This is the first behavioral audiogram measured for any Sirenian, as well as the first underwater infrasonic psychometric test with a marine mammal. Auditory thresholds were obtained from 0.4 to 46 kHz, and(More)
We assess the effectiveness of applying information theory to the characterization and quantification of the affects of anthropogenic vessel noise on humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) vocal behavior in and around Glacier Bay, Alaska. Vessel noise has the potential to interfere with the complex vocal behavior of these humpback whales which could have(More)
The presence of a third body orbiting an eclipsing binary system has long been known to ooset the system about a binary/third-body barycenter causing periodic variations in the time of eclipses (due to the increasing or decreasing light travel time). Recent increased precision in the timing of eclipse minima should allow a survey of the prevalence of(More)
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