J. Ebert

A. Kahan1
H. Stürz1
M. Livnat1
P. Szomolanyi1
M.H. Zheng1
1A. Kahan
1H. Stürz
1M. Livnat
1P. Szomolanyi
1M.H. Zheng
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Mechano-electrical transduction (MET) in the stereocilia of outer hair cells (OHCs) was studied in newborn Wistar rats using scanning electron microscopy to investigate the stereociliar cross-links, Nomarski laser differential interferometry to investigate stereociliar stiffness and by testing the functionality of the MET channels by recording the entry of(More)
  • S. Bajaj, C. Pascual Garrido, F. Hirschfeld, A.A. Hakimiyan, L. Rappoport, T.R. Oegema +494 others
  • 2009
Introduction: Objectives: To investigate the effect and understand the mechanism of action of P188 surfactant on cartilage degeneration and cell survival in acute trauma to human ankle cartilage. Methods and Materials: Sixteen normal tali were impacted using a 4mm indenter with 600N. 8mm cartilage plugs containing the 4mm impacted core and 4mm immediately(More)
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