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Congenital penile angulation without epispadias and hypospadias (Krummerik) is more frequent than previously believed, and the prevalence seems to be higher than 0.4/1000. The malformation, which may threaten the sex life of young patients, can be corrected by a simple out-patient operation.
A total of 20 patients with Peyronie's disease, including 15 with erectile failure and 5 with normal potency, underwent evaluation with dynamic xenon washout and infusion cavernosography. Abnormal drainage from the cavernous body was found in 13 of the 15 patients with erectile failure and in none of the 5 potent patients (p less than 0.01), indicating that(More)
Four men were referred for incomplete erection of the penis. All had abnormal venous outflow from the cavernous bodies: 1 iatrogenic fistula from the cavernous body to the glans, 1 congenital fistula from the cavernous body to the glans, 1 with several congenital large veins connecting the interior of the cavernous body to the outer veins, and 1 who(More)
Of 18 patients treated for priapism by glando-cavernous anastomosis, 11 obtained complete relief. Follow-up examination of the 18 patients has shown normal erectile function in 11 cases. It would appear that the chance of preserving sexual function is greater the better the immediate result of the operation obtained and the earlier the patients are treated.