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Adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors are currently the leading candidates for virus-based gene therapies because of their broad tissue tropism, non-pathogenic nature and low immunogenicity. They have been successfully used in clinical trials to treat hereditary diseases such as haemophilia B (ref. 2), and have been approved for treatment of lipoprotein(More)
In this Letter, there is an error in Extended Data Fig. 1b. During preparation of the figure, an error was introduced while copying the flow cytometry plot for 'HAP1 WT+ isotype' and the y-axis label was incorrectly shown as 'SSC' instead of 'PE'. As a result, the plot for 'FGFR1 KO + FGFR1 Ab. ' was inadvertently duplicated. We have corrected Extended Data(More)
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