J. E. Valdés

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In this paper, we present the prototype of an ATPsystem intended to be used in an optical quantum communications link between a Cubesat and an optical earth station. The ATP system is designed in such way that alignment on the satellite with respect to the optical earth station will be carried out based on the concept of an artificial star with the help of(More)
The neural networks have been used successfully in many types of prediction problems because they are capable of modeling and predicting time series linear and nonlinear with a high degree of accuracy, capturing any kind of interrelation between the data and do not require knowledge prior to the problem that is being shaped. This research focuses on(More)
Threshold effect in the energy loss of hydrogen and helium ions transmitted in channeling conditions in gold single crystal Abstract The energy loss of hydrogen and helium ions in the low energy range ðo10 keV=uÞ in single crystal gold targets is investigated experimentally. We found that the stopping power for helium ions shows a deviation from the(More)
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