J E Thomason

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BACKGROUND The U.S. Navy is considering the installation of telemedicine equipment on more than 300 ships. Besides improving the quality of care, benefits would arise from avoiding medical evacuations (MEDEVACs) and returning patients to work more quickly. Because telemedicine has not yet been fully implemented by the Navy, we relied on projections of(More)
Seventeen surgically confirmed acoustic neuroma subjects and seventeen radiologically confirmed non-tumour subjects with retrocochlear pathology of unknown aetiology were selected to investigate retrospectively the diagnostic yield of basic audiological test procedures. Puretone audiometry, tympanometry, reflexometry and auditory brainstem response(More)
A case is presented of a 27-year-old male subject with a cerebellopontine angle tumour which was provisionally diagnosed on the basis of the ABR latency-intensity function findings and later confirmed by MRI. The patient initially presented with decreased hearing sensitivity, tinnitus and dizziness. The findings of neuroaudiological assessments and(More)
Many indigenous peoples have been found to show an increased prevalence of both middle ear disorder and associated conductive hearing loss. Hearing loss may cause educational disadvantage during school years. For many indigenous populations in developed countries there are now increasing opportunities to participate in established formal education. This has(More)
BACKGROUND Cyclosporine increases thromboxane synthesis in dogs, potentially increasing the thrombogenic properties of platelets. HYPOTHESIS/OBJECTIVES Our hypothesis was that the concurrent administration of low-dose aspirin and cyclosporine would inhibit cyclosporine-associated thromboxane synthesis without altering the antiplatelet effects of aspirin.(More)
BACKGROUND Storage of canine packed red blood cells (pRBCs) can increase erythrocyte phosphatidylserine (PS) expression and eicosanoid concentrations. HYPOTHESIS/OBJECTIVES To determine the effects of leukoreduction on erythrocyte PS expression and eicosanoid concentrations in stored units of canine pRBCs. Our hypothesis was that leukoreduction would(More)
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