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This review examines the impact of dynamic and supportive psychotherapies (both individual and group) and psychosocial skills training on clinical and social outcomes for individuals with schizophrenia. The relatively few controlled trials of individual or group psychotherapies for persons with schizophrenia exhibit serious methodological problems that(More)
This review examines the impact of assertive community treatment (ACT) and case management models on the use of inpatient hospitalization and other community mental health services, costs, and other clinical and social outcomes. ACT programs have been found to reduce hospitalization and increase use of community mental health services at an equivalent or(More)
As the mental health role of primary care physicians has been formally recognized in recent years, educational efforts have also been directed toward the development of mental health attitudes, knowledge, and skills. To assess gains in the latter area, recent literature (1974-81) on mental health training for primary care residents was reviewed. Although(More)
All cases of childhood cancer diagnosed before the 15th birthday in the years 1968-1982 and resident in the Northern Health Authority region have been registered. There were 1171 registrations and only two have been completely lost to follow up. The overall annual incidence of cancer was 107.1 per million children, similar to previously reported figures.(More)
This meta-analysis consolidated the research on postoperative cognitive dysfunction (POCD) following total joint arthroplasty (TJA). Data from 17 studies that assessed cognition pre- and post-surgery in TJA patients alone (15 studies) or matched TJA and control groups (2 studies) were analysed. Results were grouped by cognitive domain (memory, attention,(More)
OBJECTIVE Delirium is common in older adults following total joint replacement (TJR) of the hip and knee. However, reports of the incidence of delirium vary widely, limiting their usefulness. The current meta-analysis therefore examined (1) the incidence of delirium in older patients who underwent TJR and (2) whether these rates vary according to the (a)(More)
Piritrexim is a lipid-soluble antifolate which, like methotrexate, has a potent capacity to inhibit dihydrofolate reductase. We performed a multicentre phase II study with piritrexim in patients with locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer. Twenty-four patients of which sixteen had received prior chemotherapy, were initially treated with 25 mg(More)
Forty-nine children with urinary incontinence owing to neuropathic bladder were treated by intermittent catheterisation. Manometric studies to determine urethral closing pressures and intravesical pressure/volume relationships were performed before or during treatment in all children. Cystography and intravenous urography were carried out at the beginning(More)
Whether total joint replacement (TJR) patients are susceptible to postoperative cognitive dysfunction (POCD) remains unclear due to inconsistencies in research methodologies. Moreover, cognitive reserve may moderate the development of POCD after TJR, but has not been investigated in this context. The current study investigated POCD after TJR, and its(More)
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